Direct Mail Yellow Letters that Produce RESULTS!

At just yellow letters, we know that time is the most precious commodity you have. That said, we make the process as easy and simple as possible so that you can get on to what’s most important for you as an investor, making offers and making deals!

Here’s How it Works:

Upload Your List

  • We typically work with Excel and Access
  • We can accept most spreadsheet types. (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .txt and more…)
  • We can even help you obtain your lists for cheap or even FOR FREE!


Pick Your Letter

  • We offer a variety of letter templates that are tested and proven to work.
  • Or you can send us what YOU want us to write, and we will do it EXACTLY to your specifications.

Approve the Proof

  • Once we have your order information, we set up a proof of your letter to make sure you’re totally satisfied with the way it looks.
  • Only when everything is perfect, and you have approved the proof will we get started.


Enjoy The Results!

  • We handle setup, printing, handwriting, and mailing on your behalf.
  • We manage your drip campaign for you or can drop your letters all in one batch
  • We can EVEN just mail YOU the letters and let you do it yourself if you like!
  • All this will leave you free to do what is most importan: negotiating and writing the deals!